Take Baby Steps to Success

by BJ on February 8, 2014


It's BJ with your daily success tip.

When you feel overwhelmed and confused with all that is going on around you, the best way is to

Take Baby Steps to Success

This is a tip I learned at a mastermind event I went to organized by Big Idea Mastermind. The point was that you should follow through with the commitments you make even when there are obstacles in your way.

For example, the 90 day video challenge I am a part of requires me to make one video per day for 90 days. When I recorded the video below, it was already almost night! I was very reluctant to make it because I already have hundreds of videos and I didn't feel like making another one.

But then I remembered this tip, and I made my video. Sometimes we get caught up in a swirl of responsibilities, social engagements and a lot of work. Then we tend to postpone on promises that we have made. But it doesn't have to be so – even if it is a baby step to your goal, to your promise to yourself, take it.

Taking baby steps is important to build your confidence. If you follow through with the little things, you will program your mind to believe that you can achieve anything you commit to. In this way, when big goals come along, you will have the confidence that you are able to reach them.

Belief is everything!

If you believe you can do it, you actually CAN.

Think about it – what is this small step towards your goal that you can take right now but you are dismissing? Follow through and do it! And not just today, but every day consistently.

Do that and you have started creating your first habit for success.

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