T Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive Day 2

by BJ on August 6, 2013

Hey, you guys!

This is BJ with a second review of the Millionaire Mindset Intensive seminar by T Harv Eker. I know I promised you more about the seminar yesterday, and here I am keeping my promise and posting another video about it!

It is generally amazing to visit personal development seminars but when they are free as this one it is just unbelievable. And, I have to be honest, it has been really wonderful to be here in Newport Beach with all these amazing people.

So what did I do on the seminar? Apart from meeting and networking with so many like minded people I did an exercise today at the seminar, a powerful one – a visualization exercise that really opened my eyes.

The big breakthrough for me today was that even after I am so successful in my business and changed so much, I still have limiting beliefs about money and business. It is really an eye opener to do the exercises we are doing here because once you are successful, you think you have it all. It is not so, guys, I am so happy to realize I still put limitations on myself. What I mean is, that now, once I know my limits, I can overcome them and go beyond them.

This is the greatest feeling and the greatest experience you will get out of personal development seminars – you will see the world with open eyes, you will see yourself with new eyes.

So bottom line here is to go to personal development and success seminars. They will help you meet like minded people, get motivated and achieve what you want to achieve. We can't do it all by ourselves, but, fortunately, there are people out there to help. I can help you! Just join my team and start your journey to success!

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