T Har Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive Review

by BJ on August 7, 2013

Hey, there, guys!

How are you doing today! With this post following my video below I want to give you a full review of T. Harv Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar and explain you why you must go, too!

I guess you have heard of T Harv Eker's seminars and how he teaches you to get rich. BUT, the seminar is not about money making techniques, it is about something much deeper and more important: it touches one's subconscious core beliefs about money. You know, how I am always saying that belief is everything? Well, on this seminar I have realized this is even more true about money.

We act driven by our subconsciousness much more than we think, and before we want to change our financial situation we need to change how we think and feel deep inside about money. I realized that I need to work even harder on my mindset and attitude towards money if I really want to let go of my limiting believes. We have our core values about being rich programmed for a very long time and it takes awareness and hard work to change them and become a millionaire!

If You Think You Don't Need Money You Are Broke

On the seminar a lot of topics were touched regarding money and the relationship between money and people. After all, money is just a material thing and it is under the rule of our minds. So, whatever your attitude to money is, the same attitude you will get from money. For example, and this is really an eye opener, if you say that money is not important and you don't need it all the time, well, money won't come your way, ‘coz you say you don't need it. This is just a small example how what you say and do will directly affect your money situation.

Watch my video to learn other important attitudes towards money that we adopt and see how you can change your financial situation today!

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