Surround Yourself with Positive People and Listen to Personal Development Daily

by BJ on September 5, 2013


It's BJ here with a very important tip for your life and business.

Keep Positive People Close, Keep Negative People Out

There are two kind of people in the world – the ones who see a problem and the ones who see a solution. In life, it is so easy to get caught up in negativity and seeing the possible losses, don't you think? But the way of thinking of successful people is seeing the opportunity, not the risk, it is thinking about the benefits, not the losses.

My point is that, if you want to be successful, it is essential to surround yourself with positive and successful people. Whoever is around you, you will get influenced by them, no matter good or bad. So if you want to grow, be with people who grow. You become the average of the 5 closest people around you, so be careful who you surround yourself with.

Listen To Personal Development Daily

Okay, you might say that you don't know any positive or successful people, that you don't have friends like that. No problem, guys, because we have the Internet. There are a ton of personal development books and videos out there. Just do a YouTube search and you will find tens of people, just like me, who are ready to charge you up with positive thought and help you change your mindset.

So, bottom line, stop watching negative news, stop talking to desperate people, don't communicate with people who are not successful. Focus on the positive – if you can't meet the successful and happy people in real life, watch and read about them online. You will change your mind, start thinking like the RICH and SUCCESSFUL and ultimately, become like them.

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