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by BJ on September 7, 2013

Hey, people!

A lot of you are asking me about the best traffic sources, where to get traffic, how to get leads and such which is normal for our business.

So if you are on my team, and wondering what type of advertising to do, think again

Where Did You Find Me?

Maybe you read my blog, maybe you watched my YouTube video, maybe you saw my magazine ads. Wherever you found me first, this is the best traffic source.

Why? Because you joined! I mean, you didn't know anything about Empower Network, but you found me somehow and you joined my team. So you are the perfect prospect. You are a lead which comes from a traffic source that really works. Think about this traffic source and start using it!

The people who will join you are the people like you, if you have joined. They will hang out on similar websites, they will read similar things, have similar hobbies as you, and have the same mindset. So look for yourself when you look for leads.

This is the best traffic advice I can give you. Turn back to the first time you heard about BJ Min and use this venue to attract more leads for yourself. Using this traffic secret will make it easier for you to connect with your leads and make sales, too!

So bottom line, if you are stuck into finding traffic sources that work, before asking me for advice, ask yourself where you found me. I hope this helps, guys, and I will be really happy if you comment where you found me so other people, reading this, can know what traffic sources work.

Don't forget – you are your best lead.

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Talk soon


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Julio September 8, 2013 at 6:11 am

Don’t be generic, you know very well what your number one traffic source is. Because you are supposed to be tracking all your campaigns. Now if you don’t want to tell us, well that’s another story.


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