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by BJ on July 16, 2013

Hey, guys!

It's BJ here with a post on the secrets to success. I know I have been preaching about this and giving you all kind of advice on how to be successful, and now I can guarantee you it works! This is especially for my team – when I tell you to do something, do it, otherwise you won't get results. This is a very precious post so share, if you like. So here I go:

BJ Min Secrets To Success

1. Work on your mind. Programming your mind is crucial to your success. The difference between the people who don't work on their mindset and those who do, is tremendous.

2. Join a mastermind. A mastermind is the one thing that can skyrocket you to success. By joining a mastermind you will be around like minded people who will motivate you and give you support on your road to achieving your dreams. It is just so inspiring and you need it!

3. Be consistent. If you do something, do it for at least 90 days and it becomes your habit. If you want to change something, do it for 90 days daily and it will become part of your life. Don't skip you know, this doesn't work. I said I will do 3 videos per day and I am doing it, you can, too!

4. Stand out from the crowd. To be on the top you can't just keep with the norm – if you do what the regular guy does, you will be a regular guy! Do what the successful people are doing and stretch yourself beyond your limits to stand out from the crowd.

5. Follow trough. Stop quitting! You know, if you commit to something, just follow through. If you want to be like the great, you have to do what they do – and I mean stick to it and keep your word to yourself! Respect yourself and take action now, don't quit.

6. Have a vision. You need to CREATE a vision for yourself, not follow my vision or anybody else's – you need to have your own vision. Once you create your vision from within, then you take massive action and start really seeing results. Find your vision and stick to it, that's how you become successful.

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