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by BJ on September 5, 2013

Hey, there team, and everyone else, of course.

I made this video especially for my team – SuccessBorn – but it is useful for anyone who wants to start using videos to promote their business, or just upload a video on YouTube!

This is a very quick – 5 minute – tutorial on how to upload a video on YouTube with some extra tips from my experience.

1) Make a video. And even better make many videos, so that when tim comes to upload it, you have a choice. I make maybe 10 videos per day, but just upload a few.

2) Download the videos to your PC/laptop. That must be easy – I have a specific folder where I organize my videos by year, month, and categorize them as uploaded and non-uploaded so it makes it very easy to navigate.

3) Choose the video and rename it. It is very easy if you just rename your video, that you are going to upload, with the date and the title you will use for YouTube.

4) Obviously you need a YouTube account. If you have Gmail or Google+ account, you can use the same username and password for YouTube, too.

5) Drag the videos to the upload screen. Once you have your YouTube account open, click on Upload in the upper right corner. Then a new page will open where you can directly drag your videos from your explorer.

6) Add tags, keywords, title and description. Put your website or link in the first 2 lines of the description to make sure people see it. In categories, just put ‘How-To', and that's it.

So watch my video, for more tips and ideas – ask me a question. I have a lot of more educational and inspirational videos about Internet marketing and success for my team members. If you want to learn more and get the secret to success videos I make, JOIN my team today and GO all IN!

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Take care



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