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by BJ on July 29, 2013

Hey, guys!

It's BJ here with a great tip I just learned recently and started applying myself. This tip is especially useful for my team – SuccessBorn – but also for anyone who wants to be a leader and create a successful team.

The one thing I learned is that if you want to grow you can not focus and train each member of your team individually. There are just so many hours in a day and just so many tips you can give. The key to having a successful team is to focus on the top %5 performers and train them individually and then train the other %95 by teaming them up.

The point here is that you want to develop and focus on the people who are getting results already. Those are the ones who will make your business grow and who will actually bring in new business. Focus on the top %5 performers in your company or team and train them individually.

You want to have this people around you, inspire them, train them, show them new directions and open doors for them. The people who already get results are the ones who will be future leaders, those are the ones taking action!

What about the rest of your team? Still train them, still give them everything possible you have to be successful but do it in groups – maybe through Google hangouts, maybe through webinars or e-books. Doesn't matter, you can't focus on the underachievers!

The funny thing you will notice is that the top %5 of your team does not actually need individual training because they are self-training, they are too busy taking action and growing to bombard you with 20 e-mails per day. So bottom line in any business is to lead the future leaders and assist them finding their road to success, and the rest, well, give them the tools to take action and succeed, too. But until they do take this action and start getting results, don't focus on them.

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