SuccessBorn Team – Go to the Events or Make Excuses

by BJ on August 15, 2013

Hello, there,

and welcome to my blog! This is BJ Min with success and personal development tips just for you. This post is especially for my SuccessBorn Team but also for anyone who is in Internet marketing and is struggling for success.

Go To The Events or Make Excuses

At the time of making this video I was at the Denver Empower Network event and I am sorry for those of you who missed it. Going to personal development and Internet marketing events can be life changing for you so you have to make it a regular habit! Nothing can compare to meeting successful people live, trust me.

I was so impressed to see people here who said they would sleep in their cars, who drove for thousands of miles, who were willing to do everything to come to this event! You know it was inspiring to see this kind of drive and commitment and this is why YOU have to go that next event, too. It's not only for the speakers or for meeting rich and successful people, it is about meeting people who have that motivation to come without an income, without a hotel room, without anything, just with their enthusiasm!

If they can do it, you can do it! There are no excuses big enough to not follow thorough and do everything it takes to succeed. You know, those are the people who will make it in this business, who will really make a difference because they are ready to go beyond their comfort zone and beyond the excuses that you have.

Excuses OR Results

There is always an excuse, or there is NEVER an excuse. Whatever challenge you have, you must overcome it and take action. You go to the events or make excuses. Make the choice for yourself to go to the next event and stop making excuses. There is no excuse for you. If you are serious about this business, if you are different and want to succeed in this business, you have to go. There is a special kind of people there, the ones who are successful from within.

So take action, go to events, don't make excuses.

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