Success Tips – Work Hard on Yourself Mentally and Physically

by BJ on October 25, 2013

Hi, everyone.

I have something different to share with you today. You know how I always say that if you do something consistently and long enough it becomes part of who you are?

Well, the video below is the living proof of that!

Just a couple of months ago I wouldn't exercise at all, and now it has been only a week since I didn't have the chance to work out and I can't wait to get to the gym.

Work Hard on Yourself Mentally and Physically  

Since I joined this mastermind I am in, I made a commitment to work hard not only on my business but also on myself. Because it is true what they say – your physiology affects your mentality and the other way around, of course.

So if you feel bad, just go work out and you will feel better. I started going to the gym every single day and I can't wait to do that agin after being in Las Vegas for an Internet marketing seminar for a week.

I know I have been telling you to work hard on yourself, on your mindset, but this includes taking care of yourself and your health, too. You can't be successful and determined if you are lazy and feeling down. Working out can help you get motivated and  excited about the rest of your day.

Exercise is part of you working on yourself. You are your most successful self when you are your best self.

Working On Yourself = Success

Learn what I discovered about myself after joining this mastermind:

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Bottom line – strong body in a strong mind. This is the way to have a successful and healthy life.

Talk soon,


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