Success secrets: Set A Higher Standard

by BJ on July 16, 2013


In this video below I just want to give you one quick tip: To be more than everyone else, set higher standards than everyone else. You can't expect to have better results, if you don't do something more, after all.

For example, if you are in online marketing and you are doing the 90 day challenge, you are probably doing one video per day. But I challenge you to make 3 videos per day. In this way, you are already exceeding the most of the people who just do 1!

The road to success is open for those who stand out and set higher goals, higher standards for themselves. Here, look at me, guys, I am in this business for only 3 months, but I am already exceeding the results of my sponsor. I am doing better than him, because I stretched myself to do 3 videos every day, and even sometimes 4 or 5! You should do the same – the secret to success is to have higher goals than 99% of the people. Don't settle – do more and achieve more.

While other people quit and give up, you should walk the walk and even run it, if you get me. Don't look around at what everyone is doing and think you are fine if you are doing the same – you are not. Success is for the ones who stretch themselves to higher standards.

If you want to be successful set higher goals than everyone and you will see fantastic, accelerating results! You won't believe it but this is the biggest secret to success – you have to do more than everyone else to stand out and start making the real big money in this business.

Why am I successful? because while you are doing 1 video, I am doing 3; when you do 3 – I will do 10, when you do 10 – I will do 100! Always set a higher standard for yourself. The only way to be successful is to keep setting higher goals for yourself and keep to them for at least 90 days, guys. Do that now and you will see awesome results – 90 days consistency setting higher standards than everyone else.

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