Success Is About Who You Become

by BJ on August 7, 2013

Hello, everyone!

Today it is time for me to share with you one of the most important lessons for success, a lesson I have learned from the legendary Jim Rohn.

Success Is About The Person You Become

When you set goals for your life and you business, in what terms do you set them? In terms of things you acquire or in terms of what you become? It is very important to think and set goals about WHO you become and NOT WHAT you acquire.

If you can experience personal transformation, like I did, you will have something much more worth it than all the money in the world. You will want to spread it around, to give other people the opportunity to grow and find their inner calling, too. You need to focus on the person you become more than on the things you get. You only become really successful when you can help other people become successful.

I am talking about all of this, because it is priceless to feel fulfilled, to see your efforts multiply by giving and helping others. Success is not about what you have, but about who you become. The irony is, once you become more you will get more. This is the law of success. You will attract success by the person you become. The logic is simple actually – the bigger person you are, the bigger things you will do, the more people you will help and the more value you will give to the world, and, guess what, the world gives back!

I have experienced this personal transformation myself, I am becoming a successful person by working on myself and helping others. So that's why I am asking you to come and join my team! I want to help you become a better you! You can be successful just by becoming a bigger and better person and by giving back to the world.

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