Success Accelerates After You Go Over The Hump

by BJ on July 23, 2013


It's BJ Min here with a new video just for you! What I notice in online marketing, and especially in this mastermind I am in, is that with success comes more success! It might some very simple to you, but this is the reality of it – once you get over the success hump business accelerates!

Why is that and how does it happen? You know, when you join a new mastermind or start a new business there is a learning curve. You can't just jump in and do everything from the start – you need to spend time and efforts into learning how to do this business. And it takes at least a couple of months after you go all in for this to happen.

The secret is not to give up until you have reached the top of the learning curve. This is why so many people fail – they are weak and quit before they have actually learned how to do this business. Quitters, quit, winners, win. The point is, that at first when you join it will be hard. The first month is actually the hardest. But once you step up the learning curve, you will feel that success becomes easy.

Success Gets Easier

Once you go over that hump and you really understand how to do this business you are successful already. And, you know what the best thing is? When you are successful more people want to join you, and then you become even more successful!

It is quite normal to have doubts or to struggle when you first join, it is even normal to not get results. But when you do more, you learn more, you find out what works and you start getting those results. Never give up before you have moved over the hump! Then everything you did was just a waste of time.

Be consistent, keep on learning until you reach that level when success becomes easy! Join me and learn how.

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