Story of Crossing $100,000 in the Internet Marketing Niche

by BJ on April 8, 2014

Hi, everyone!

Today is truly a big day for me, a huge milestone in my Internet marketing career.

Watch my video about it here:

Crossed The $100,000 in the Internet Marketing Niche.

After just one year in Empower Network and Big idea Mastermind I made $100,000 worth sales with this business.

Join and GO ALL IN to be able to achieve the same.

I have been making a SIX FIGURE income for MULTIPLE years in a row since 2010 BUT I never made six figures in a year in the INTERNET MARKETING NICHE.  I was successful in OTHER niches but never successful in the internet marketing niche in the past.  So for 7 years, I tried to make it in the internet marketing niche and I failed year after year.  I literally made maybe up to $100 a month back in the days in the IM (internet marketing niche).

There are three main reasons that I recognize from the distance of time for my continuos failures:

1. I didn't know how to get traffic and convert traffic into sales the right way.

2. I was not confident and did not believe in myself fully.

3. Thus, I didn't commit to going for my dreams fully.

Then one day I learned about Vick Strizheus and Big idea Mastermind. Something struck me and I know that this is the right business for me. So I joined ALL IN the first day.

The rest is just a process of learning, growing and making more and more money every day.

I am real and my story is real. Big Idea is real and the $100,000 in sales I made in Empower is REAL.

By the way, I actually estimate I made close to $250,000+ in the last year if I count all the other projects I have online.  However, the REAL SUCCESS is having success with BIM/EN first because that is the place where I learned MORE internet marketing to go out there and use for ANY NICHE/ANY DREAM/ANY BUSINESS I want to build to make a POSITIVE, POWERFUL, and TRANSFORMATIONAL impact in the world.

If you want to GAIN THE INTERNET MARKETING SKILL to SUCCEED online in ANY online business, then click here to join my mastermind group to rock it this year!

I am overwhelmed with feelings – I am proud, I am thankful, I am inspired, but most of all I am determined to help YOU achieve my success, too!

I am just getting started, are YOU ready to join me?

Talk soon,


Income disclaimer: My results are not typical because I am not typical.
I can not guarantee you how much you will make because I don't know
how motivated and committed you are.

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