Stop Trying to be Perfect

by BJ on July 21, 2013

Hey, it's BJ with the tip of the day:

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

It is so simple – don't try to be perfect to be successful. Perfect does not equal success, here is my two cents – it's actually the other way around. One of the reasons I am getting results is because I just jump in and do it – I try different things and I don't over-think.

You know what the irony is – the smartest people are not the most successful people. The most successful people are the ones who take action, not the ones thinking about it. The point is to stop over analyzing every step of the way. Of course, in life there are things that you should think about twice before doing, but generally just go with the flow, try new things. If you only keep on thinking about how to make a video perfect, you might never come to recording this video!

We Think Too Much

Sometimes I see it in this business, and generally in life too, people tend to think too much before they take action. You shouldn't do that – trust your instinct, trust your intuition and hear your inner calling! Just stop talking and thinking about it, go out there and do it.

That's how you learn faster and get results.¬†Of course, you can read and research and think ‘Oh, is that for me?' OR you could take action and just join my team! This is the better way to learn, trust me – doing is times better and more effective than thinking. If you could learn something by just watching, the dog would be a butcher! You have to actually do it – this is the only way for you to really make money online.

It doesn't happen by thinking, it happens by marketing.

My point here is, don't hesitate and wonder if online marketing is for you, just try it – it's only $25 after all, you know. It's not like you will spend your life's savings on this new business. So don't over-think it, just click the link and start taking action today!

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