Step By Step Tips To Write a Sales Page For Micro Niches

by BJ on June 30, 2009

Here's a step-by-step formula on how to write
sales pages for micro niches…

Step #1 – Introduce the problem

Find out what the main problem, the biggest
challenge, or the biggest frustration is that
your target market in your niche is having.

Also, here's another quick tip.  As you are
writing this, you want to make sure that you
are writing as if you are talking to just
one person.

Your readers will feel as if you are personally
speaking to them. This will help in increasing
your conversion rate.

Step #2 – Intensify the problem

Your next step is to intensify the problem. You
want to stress the problem to such an extent that
the reader feels the problem from an emotional

You want to intensify the problem so much so
that the reader feels the problem all the
down to the core of his being.

Step #3 – Introduce the solution

Now is your time to come in as the person that
can save the reader's day. They have just read
about what a huge problem that they have.

You will want to introduce yourself, your product
and all the information about your product. Your
reader will discover that even though he has this
huge problem, he has just discovered that there
is a solution to this problem.

The solution to his problem is you and your product.

Your job is now to present the benefits in the
form of bullet points. In this part of your sales
letter, you will present your qualities, your usp,
and your solution.

Step #4 – Call to action

In this final step, you must tell the reader in
very specific terms to take action and what actions
they must take. You have to use words like, call now,
order now, click here to order now.

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Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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