Start With Why – Know Your Inner Why To Succeed

by BJ on June 23, 2013

Hey guys, how you all doing?

It's BJ here with a quick video with the tip of the day. Pay attention here, it's not only a business tip but a personal development tip, a tip to success!

In the video below I am talking about the ‘why' of your goals, the reason behind everything you do in your life. It's important for your ultimate goal in life to have a purpose so that your life has a purpose.

If you have watched my last video, you know you need to have a clear goal. Once you know your goal you need to find out why you want to achieve it. When you find out that, you want to write it down on a big piece of paper or even make an art print out of it and put it on your wall! Yes, do that and look at it all the time because this is your inner calling.

Anyone, me ,you can have the greatest goal but if we don't have that inner why, if we don't support it with a core value it won't mean anything! You need to give a purpose to your goal from inside, from yourself.

Give a Purpose To Your Goal

The way to do that is to ask yourself ‘Why?' Why do I want that? Why do I need to achieve this goal? Keep asking yourself until you reach the deepest level of your inner self, until you feel this is the real reason why you want to achieve what you said your goal is. Don't get satisfied with the first answer which come to mind, keep on asking and asking until you reach your inner why!

So if you haven't found out your goal and your inner why, do it today because this is the only real way to success! Know what you want, and know why.

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