Start with Why by Simon Sinek Review

by BJ on April 17, 2014

Hey, there, everyone!

In my last post I told you about the 30 30 30 personal development
program. I started the program just a week ago and I already feel
differently. One part of the program is reading 30 minutes per day.
You might be wondering what to start with and that's why I decided
to share with you what I am reading and make a

Start with Why by Simon Sinek Review

The book has been recommended to me by quite a few people and this
is the main reason why I began the program with it.

To do my review, I decided to actually give you a taste of what you will
learn from it. In his book Simon Sinek teaches us that instead of looking
for new and unusual marketing techniques to sell our products, we better
start with WHY we are doing it.

So, whenever we speak to our customers, team or prospects it is important
to stress the reasons behind whatever our company is doing. Of course, marketing
techniques work to make a sale but the problem with them is that they are
short-term focused, i.e. ONLY aiming at that sale. Really successful companies
communicate their WHY with employees, customers and the public thus
creating a longer-term relationship and success.

So here you go, my why:

I am doing everything in my business because I want to change the world. I
believe that everybody has a unique talent and I want to inspire people to
discover their skills and go out there and live their lives to the fullest. I know that
people first need to believe in themselves, and this can best happen in a
mastermind, where you evolve and grow until you start acting upon your dreams.

If you want to discover your dreams and live your life to the fullest,
JOIN MY mastermind all in HERE.

And what is your WHY?

Share it with the world for long term success.

Watch my video to learn what happens when you join a mastermind:

To YOUR success,


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