Split Testing Tips For Beginners In Micro Niches – BJ Min

by BJ on June 29, 2009

Let me explain what split testing is
in this email…

Basically, split testing is having 2 webpages
and testing to see which website converts better
(more optins, more sales, etc).

You can do your split testing by signing up
for Google Analytics which is free.

This program will help you to find out the amount
of traffic that your website is receiving.

You will also want to sign up for Google adwords
so that you can use the website optimizer portion.
When you use the website optimizer, you can test
split testing tests with your websites.

Split testing is also called AB testing. As an
example, if you have a squeeze page, split testing
will let 50% of people go to one type of squeeze
page and 50% of people go to another squeeze page.

You can then check to see how many of the 50% who go
to the split test A end up converting and how many
of the 50% that go to the split test B end up

Whichever squeeze page has the higher conversion
rate, you'll keep and get rid of the other one.

Keep this cycle going, constantly testing.
This is the best way to increase your conversions.
You can use this method to test your headlines,
sales pages, as well as your squeeze pages.

Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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