Simple Internet Marketing Lesson – Simpler The Better

by BJ on October 8, 2009


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It's BJ here…Internet marketing gurus are
great but sometimes you can't trust all the
HYPE and BUZZ that they create…

Last time, I mentioned that I changed my
Dictator Method website to become a simple
mini-site again.

I had more success with this simple type of
site than other softwares and so forth.

The reason why my site was the way it was
previously was because I used Mike Filsaime's
“Butterfly Marketing” software.

It was the big hype when it came out about 6
months ago and Mike Filsaime is a great internet
marketing guru/teacher that I have learned
from a lot.

The software used to cost two thousand dollars
and he was giving it away for free and there
was so much buzz about it.

That's why I jumped in and got the software.

…It took couple of months to use it to
create my first butterfly marketing type of

…And it looked COOLER than my original
simple 4-page site.  I call it 4 page site
because it literally has only like 4 pages
on it.

That's all you need because it's:
– squeeze page
– sales page
– upsell page
– thank you page

That's 4 pages…as you can see in my
Dictator Method website…

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..ANYWAYS…back to my story…the butterfly
marketing software website looked cool.

But it took WAY TOO LONG for me to create it.

…I'm not the most technical kind of guy
out there.  In fact, I don't like doing
technical stuff.

But I figured it was a $2000 software so I put
in the time to set up my website.

The good news was that the site looked prettier.

…The BAD NEWS was that I was not making as much
money as I did when I had the simple 4-page site.

…After seeing the results, I just recently
decided to get rid of the butterfly marketing site
and went back to my original & simple 4 page site.

In business, I learned not to get attached to
things.  Go with what works even it doesn't make
sense or whatever.

…The REASON why I think the simple 4 page site
works BETTER (for myself) was that it was just
MORE SIMPLER.  There was only 1 call to action
per page instead of having so many things to
do on it.

So I'm going back to simple mode again…

…In fact, I teach exactly how to make this type
of 4-page simple site in my “Dictator Method” eBook.

The Dictator Method is a TOTALLY NEW version and
it is 100 times better than the free version I was
giving it away long time ago.

Now, it's a paid version but it's way better because:
– It shows you step-by-step how to make money online
– It shows you EVERYTHING that I do to make $5000 a month
– Has over 130+ pages of detailed info that most gurus
tend to overlook.
– Shows you a basic step-by-step blueprint on how
to make money online for newbies & intermediates.
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– And much more…

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Talk to you soon…


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