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by BJ on January 10, 2014

Hello, folks!

I am BJ Min, a six figure earner online, and today I am not talking about money.

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I will tell you what happened in short:

I was invited to speak to the last Empower Network event in Anheim because of my good results in the company. While I was talking to over 1400 people on stage, I told my story of who I was before, and who I am now, and what this business has done for me as a person.

Then after I went off stage, a young Korean guy (as I am) came to me and said that I had inspired him to do videos on YouTube. He told me that he was just like me, shy and insecure and would never think about making videos of himself. But my story, how I was shy and overcame that with video marketing, inspired him to try and do it himself.

We really resonated with each other, he even told me, he felt like he was telling his own story. Then something happened to me, that I had never experienced before – I felt grateful for the chance to impact this person's life. I felt honored. I was transformed by his confession.

It was a very different and deep feeling, I actually connected with this guy on a completely new level.

Thank you Brian!

Why am I talking about this?

That day I said to myself ‘This is why I do all of this for.' At some point money doesn't matter any more. You impact the world in a positive way and this comes back to you. When you find what fulfills you, you connect with the world in a new way, inspiring and deep, creating good things.

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To YOUR success,


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