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by BJ on April 23, 2014

Hey, everyone!

For a while now I have been giving a FREE bonus for all my ALL IN
team members in the form of a video marketing training that can help
you rank your video No1 on YouTube and Google.

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If you are just starting, in my video below you can find the exact detailed steps
you need to take to drive traffic to your website through YouTube videos:

You Tube is the second largest search engine after Google and I personally
believe that in the future it will also take over television. YouTube is
your chance to influence people in your industry and have your name heard.

There is no specific business for which YouTube can be used – it is
applicable to any company, any product, any service or idea; it is
for Internet marketers, marketing students, marketing professionals,
small and big business owners….

So here is what you need to do to start making money on YouTube:

1. Create a channel with your Google account

2. Record videos. You can even use your smartphone! No need
to get fancy to start.

Key note: Be consistent! I record and upload videos every single day.

3. Do the 90-Day-Video Challenge. Take up the challenge and make and
upload a video every day for 90 days. This will help you overcome
your discomfort and get used to video marketing while you perfect
your act.

4. Learn while doing. Reading books and educating yourself is fine, but
don't forget to also make videos while you learn.

5. Content-wise give value to your viewers. Each of your videos should
solve a specific problem that your viewers have.

6. Talk to your best friend. When you make a video imagine you are talking
to your closest person and you will be yourself and shine.

Extra tip: It's not only what you say, it is HOW you say it – show your passion.

7. Don't sell, give value. In videos, pitching should be in the background.

8. Finish with a call to action. In your video description, or last comment
just mention the more value you can give with your product and point
where to get it.

9. For SEO purposes put one keyword in the beginning on your video title
and put your website (starting with http:// so it's clickable) in the top
line of the description.

Ready to make money with video marketing?

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Talk soon,


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