Secrets to Success – Have an Abundant Mindset by Practicing Giving More

by BJ on September 1, 2013

Hello, everyone!

It's BJ here, with your success secret of the day:

Have An Abundant Mindset by Practicing Giving

This is a secret valid not only for business success, but for your general attitude towards life and people. Look guys, there is enough in the world for everybody. There is even more than we need. Once you start believing in this and having an abundant mindset all the limitations to your finances will disappear, too.

You can practice having an abundant mindset by giving to people who are in need. Just be nice, guys – tip the waitress a little more, buy a homeless person a sandwich, or even help your family.

Giving is a way to show the universe that we know that nothing belongs to us. It is away to free ourselves of the chains of not having and telling the universe that we have more than enough.

There Is Always Someone Who Need The Money More Than You

So just give it away, no matter if it's a dollar, or a 100, something you don't need or just a little help. Giving is an underestimated act. We all think about getting something new, taking more from the world. BUT the truth is that our incomes are proportionate to the value we give to the world.

So give more to increase YOUR VALUE in the world. I personally believe that giving builds the abundant mindset of the successful person. Bottom line, give to receive!

This is the law of nature, and the law of business – give more value to get more money! Simple, isn't it? 

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