Secret to Success – Work Hard and Work Smart Period

by BJ on September 6, 2013

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It is so simple, you might think it's a joke but the one obvious secret to success is to work really really hard!

Work Hard, Work Smart

Of course, I can't guarantee you that if you work hard you will become successful – there are many people working real hard and never getting to success. Why? Because you have to also work smart!

Whatever you do in your life, acting, sports, management, marketing, sales, arts, whatever it is – you need to work hard. You need to invest a number of physical hours into actually learning how to do your job really good. You need to put effort in it!

If you see any successful person, think even basketball players, artists, business owners, and you ask them if it was easy, nobody will answer “YES”. Everyone will tell you that they worked their butts off to get where they are. Success is only sweet when it comes with a drop of sweat! Otherwise it's just plain cheating.

Sure, you can't do everything – as you grow you will need to outsource, to focus on the bigger picture and work hard on developing your business. But you never stop working for success! Nobody achieves anything by doing it part time.

Most People Are Not Successful Because They Choose The Easy Way

Bottom line – if you want success, don't choose the easy way! If you just want to sit all day in front of a computer and push buttons, okay, but then you will be like everyone else. If you want to be successful, go where others don't, go beyond your comfort zone and put real effort into achieving something BIG.

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