Richard Branson Secret To Success

by BJ on July 10, 2013

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It's BJ here and a great video below with a big success secret. This is actually a tip I heard from Richard Branson. I guess you know him – Richard Branson – the billionaire? Yes, I thought you do. So I watched an interview with him which really stroke me. He was asked what is one of his secrets to success, and you know what he answered?

Exercise For Success

It might sound funny at first to you but it is the real deal. When you get to think about it, exercising is not only for the body, but also for the mind. For one thing, you will be healthier. And how can you do anything if you are not healthy, right?

Second, and here is where it gets interesting, exercising changes your state of mind, your mindset and your attitude to life. When you are at the gym, for example, you get in an elevated state of mind, you get pumped up with the hormone of happiness, you get motivated and enthusiastic about life.

When you are in this excitement state of mind you are able to do things in a whole new way, with more impact, with persuasion and enthusiasm you wouldn't otherwise. So following this tip I am going to the gym right now, just watch this video and you will see that.

On the other hand, exercising is INVESTING IN YOURSELF. And only when you invest in yourself you can make a fortune. If you invest only in your business you can make a living, but invest in yourself and you will see the real money flow. Exercising helps you become a better person who is able to do greater things.

Whatever field you are in, whatever business you are in I encourage you to follow Richard Branson's advice and GO EXERCISE! This is one of the best success tips I have heard – it is not about business, it is about you. Only when you invest in yourself, you can be successful, so go start today.

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