Rich People See Opportunities and Poor People See Obstacles

by BJ on August 27, 2013

Hi, guys!

I am writing this post for those of you who want to be rich. I have been reading T Harv Eker's book and I want to give you a quote from it, that summarizes my message to you:

‘Rich people see opportunities. Poor people see obstacles.

Rich people see potential growth. Poor people see the potential loss.

Rich people focus on the rewards. Poor people focus on the risks.'

Let me give you a quick example. When I joined Big Idea Mastermind I didn't see the potential loss of a couple of thousands dollars for me; I saw the HUGE opportunity to make thousands of dollars with this business.

In the same way, if you want to be rich, don't focus on the potential loss, but focus on the opportunity, the possibility to make money online with this business.

The rich person's mindset sees opportunity. If you don't join and go all in you are thinking from a poor person's prospective. Focus on the results you can get, focus on the rewards.

It is not about if you are going to lose your money, it is about the opportunity to make much more money online. To make money, you need to lose money. When you go ALL IN, you are dedicated and focused on making it big. The right kind of thinking for this business is to see the long term opportunity and possibility to make seven figure income.

The people who join on the highest level have a rich person's mindset. If you want to have the rich people's mindset and results, you need to go all in, because that's what the successful people in this business do.

There is no excuse for thinking like a poor person. Think like a rich person and discover the opportunities in this business to make BIG money online. No turning back, success is waiting for you.

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Talk soon



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