Results Speak Louder Than Words

by BJ on March 21, 2014

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If you are an online marketer you have to share results with your team and prospects because

Results Speak Louder Than Words

Your results are a proof that what you are doing is possible and are the strongest motivational tool you have for new and existing customers to trust you.

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Maybe you think that you haven't achieved anything worth sharing yet so you hesitate to make a video about your first sale….

….but you shouldn't! There is someone out there who hasn't made that first sale yet, so they have something to learn from you. No matter what it is – you first lead, 100 leads in one day, 2 sales in one month, first video subscriber, $1000 a week…SHARE IT.

Your prospects will get times more influenced by your real results than by any promise for such. You should never promise people that something is great, just show them that it works. Never forget to include a disclaimer that your results are personal and there are no guarantees.

You can use this strategy for any product – physical or digital. People will be impressed and trust you as their leader in achieving success. Sharing results is not bragging, it is educating people on the possibilities that your business gives them.

In the end it comes down to the fact that everybody wants to learn from someone who is experienced and knows what they are talking about.

There Is Always Somebody Who Doesn't Know What You Know

Don't underestimate yourself! You might just make the difference in someone's attitude who is wondering if online marketing can make them money. Just think about the days when you started with Internet marketing and what convinced you to do so. I bet it was an Internet marketing millionaire's fancy beach house and Ferrari….

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