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by BJ on August 5, 2013

Hello, guys!

I know you have been waiting for my quick tip of the day video, so here it is: you either get results, or have reasons to not get results.

The truth about success is that if you want to make it in this life, there is nothing, nothing that can ever stop you, but if you don't want to make it, there are a billion reasons you will find that don't let you be successful.

The reason why you are not having success with this business is maybe because you have got too many reasons. Actually, there is no reason to not be successful, because I am, so you can be too. Instead of looking for reasons for not achieving what you have hoped for, take action and get results.

People who have results, have no reasons why something doesn't work. They don't analyze and find excuses, they just do something to get results! The one habit of successful people you should adopt RIGHT NOW is to stop having reasons and excuses. You didn't do something? You didn't do it and you won't get the results, but don't blame other factors for that. It is your fault if you don't find the time to work on your mindset, it is your fault if you didn't go all in, it is your fault if you didn't watch this personal development video!

So bottom line is, take a decision – what do you want? Reasons OR results. You can't have excuses for not doing anything and then expect results. It is not logical! The moment you stop finding excuses and go all in you will see results.

If you are on my team especially I hope you get the message – it's not the system that doesn't work, it's you! I am getting results, so you can, too. Stop finding excuses and take action to get results.

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