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by BJ on February 21, 2014


This is BJ Min with some more online business ideas for making money online. Today's post is about

Make Money Without Working

I am talking about residual income. What it means is getting paid without continuously working. It might seem unbelievable, but let me give you a very simple and easy example:

Probably the oldest residual income example is real estate. You buy a house, and you rent it out. Even better, you can hire someone to manage your property for you. You get paid every month without doing any actual work.

Similarly, in Internet marketing you will need to make an initial investment or spend some time creating the source of your future passive income. You might need to build a website, create a course or write a book, for instance. Once you have it right, your product will make money by itself.

Residual Income Online

What I am more familiar with is making passive income online.

– I have successfully sold a number of digital products. For example, you write an ebook and create a website to promote it. Then you can have a direct download link to sell. Everything is automated and EASY for you once you set it up.

– Another option is to create a membership site where you provide information or a solution to a problem. Telephone, cable and Internet provider companies use this model to make residual income. Why not do it, too?

– Moreover, you can join a networking company or an affiliate program. I joined such a company and I have been making $10 000 per month.

– I have been an Internet marketer since 2007 and I have to tell you that for me, however, the best residual income source is selling ebooks on Amazon's Kindle. This is the future of reading.

For more residual income ideas, watch my video:

Learn more about making money without working, here.

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