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by BJ on August 14, 2013


Welcome to my blog post and make sure you watch the video below for more video making tips! The thing I want to draw your attention to today is that going to events and seminars gives you an unique opportunity to make videos on the spot.

I have already said this many times but it can't be said enough – if you want to be successful in your life and business you have to go to personal development events and meet your mastermind. When you visit personal development or business seminars you not only get the opportunity to meet and talk to amazing people but you get to have all of it recorded on camera!

So go to the event and record everything you can – record yourself talking to people, record them talking about the event, if the speaker allows you, even record him talking. The reason behind all this is that by the time the event is finished you will have a bunch of powerful videos for your subscribers.

Give People A Reason To Join You

A lot of people who haven't joined this mastermind, and think of joining, or just couldn't go to the events for some reason, need a motivation! Your video can make all the difference for these people, it might be the turning key for them to decide to join you. There is so much power in just one video, and you can use this power to make people believe in this business, believe it is worth it.

If you want more people to join you, you need to give them an experience, you need to give them a taste of what's gonna be. The videos you record on events and share with your subscribers are a valuable and powerful tool for gaining people's trust and making them part of your team. So start now, record and share!

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