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by BJ on May 11, 2014


and welcome to my blog post with which I hope to inspire
you to take action towards your dreams.

Watch my video to learn why you need to read daily:

No matter what industry you are in, what business you own;
no matter if you are self-employed, an entrepreneur or you
work for somebody, READ REGULARLY.

You would ideally have a certain amount of time devoted to
reading every day because you want to invest in yourself
every day.

The Biggest Investment Is In Yourself

No matter what you invest in your business it might collapse,
but what you invest in yourself, stays with you for a lifetime. As
Jim Rohn says “Invest in your business and you will make a living,
invest in yourself and you will make a fortune.”

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to invest in yourself is to
ready daily. You need to make a conscious decision that you will
learn new things, you will develop your mindset and devote time
for reading. It must be your choice. Don't read only for fun, make
it a part of your personal development plan.

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Reading daily is a characteristic of all successful people,
just do your research online. I started reading daily as a part
of the 30 30 30 success and personal development plan – read 30
minutes and listen to 30 minutes of audio every day for 30 days.
This program is FREE and available to anyone to start immediately.
Isn't that awesome?

I have personally experienced the benefits of this program and I
strongly recommend you to try it. After all – can't you invest 30
days of your life in yourself?

Talk soon,


P.S. Success comes to you when you become a successful person.

The first step is believing in SUCCESS.

Learn how to do that HERE.

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