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by BJ on September 28, 2013


How are you all doing today? I just want to ask you one question: Have you read your personal development today yet? NO? Big mistake, guys.

Read Personal Development Daily For Success

I don't mean to consume a book a day – if you have a day job, it is not really possible. I mean to read at least a chapter daily. What you read is what goes into your head and forms who you become.

If you want to be successful – read success books daily. Better even, do that every morning. I know that the morning is not the typical time for reading a book, but you must learn to do it.

What you do in the morning sets the mood for your whole day and creates the mindset with which you will do everything in that day. When you have good stuff coming in, you have good stuff coming out. It is so simple.

After that, no matter what you do, it will be INFLUENCED by the positiveness of this books. When you make your videos, write your blog or e-mails, they will be full of the confidence that this book will give you. So choose carefully what you read, because that is what you will become.

Bottom line – choose a success and personal development book and read a couple of pages every morning before you do anything else. If you don't know where to start just read my previous post about personal development books, and you will find some titles that have helped me along the way.

This is part of my daily routine and commitment to work hard on myself. I start every morning by reading my personal goals, affirmations and ideal day. If you don't have those, a personal development book will for a beginning.

Start today! read daily for success and you will change your mindset to be ready for a wealthy and fulfilled life.

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