Prioritize Your Passion Over Money

by BJ on December 8, 2013

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Prioritize Your Passion Over Money  

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I will ask you one simple question:

Do you follow the money, or do you follow your passion? Do you believe you need to earn money to start following your dreams?

Well, news guys: If you don't follow your dreams your results will never be your best.

When you are at your death bed, hopefully many years from now, you won't be thinking ‘I wish I made more money.'. If anything, you will be thinking ‘I wish I followed my passion.'

The thing with money is, that it is never ever enough. If you are chasing after the money you are just in a rat race. Money will never satisfy you – the more you have the more you want. The only thing that will bring you fulfillment is having followed your passion and your dreams.

Money Doesn' Make You Happy

It is no secret money doesn't bring happiness but just the need for more money. Sure, we need money to live, love and laugh. But if the money is the sole purpose of everything you do, then you will never be satisfied. Then you just have another job – you work for money.

While the people who follow their dream, they work for happiness. They work for making a difference in life, and that's all that matters.

You have one life to live and I am begging you – don't waste it chasing the buck. Go after your passions and the buck will follow you.

Don't be a slave to money, be a servant to your dreams!

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