Power of Having a Time of Solitude

by BJ on February 22, 2014


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Today I want to talk about something that I just recently started realizing:

Power of Having a Time of Solitude

In 2013 I went to 15 seminars in total. At some point I stopped seeing the benefits. I felt like I was overloaded with information that I couldn't swallow. After all, why do we need more knowledge if we can not use it?

I will share a secret with you. The last event I went to was in California. The first day I took part in all the activities, but on the second day I decided to just skip everything and go visit the Palm Springs mountains. I got on the tram which took me 8000 miles high and then did a hike. At some point I found myself sitting on a rock and I was completely alone. There were no people, no sound, no cars, no telephone calls, nothing, really nothing.

For the first time in my life I experienced complete solitude. And then

I Had a Breakthrough

I realized that I needed this quietness, I needed to be away from everything. I experienced personal development from inside.

This is the moment to ask yourself the important question in life:

What do I want to do?

Who do I want to be?

What is my true calling in life?

What is my goal in life?

When you have the opportunity to experience solitude in nature, do it because there is power in being alone. When there is nothing around you and no distractions, all you can hear is your inner voice telling you the truth about yourself.

If you want to find the answers about your life you have been seeking, find solitude.

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