Personal Story About Me and My Dad

by BJ on November 9, 2013

Hi, guys!

I am so excited that I can share some results with you – last month I made over $10 000 from Empower Network. This is really exciting and I feel overwhelmed. Most of all I feel thankful for my road and for my experience, for the opportunities that I have had.

From Convenience Store Clerk To Successful Internet Marketer

I guess most of you already know my story, but still:

I worked in a convenience store owned by my dad for five years after I graduated college.

I honestly hated my job, but I got the chance to become really close with my dad. And now, when he is retired I see that he doesn't have a purpose anymore. So I felt bad about it and decided to give him one. I offered him to become my assistant!

Yes, and he accepted. It was a tough one as he is not really Internet savvy but he got the job 🙂 I am so glad I can help him, because, honestly he is the reason why I am here now, in the US, talking to you and making money online.

He had a dream when he was back in Korea, where we are from – he wanted to make it big and he went for his dream. I believe that is why I am a visionary and a dreamer, too. And the best part – I take action, just like my dad, to make my dreams come true.

It is amazing because I used to work for my dad and now he works for me!

The best part of my business is that I inspire and empower people to have a purpose in their life. And I get to do it for my dad! This is so fulfilling it's indescribable.

No other job can give me this satisfaction. I am grateful every day for the chance to live my dreams and help people find and live their purpose in life, too. Because helping others is my mission in life.

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