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by BJ on September 15, 2013

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I am glad you are reading this because I want to share something special with you:

Personal Development Camps Can Grow You More Than Seminars and Events

I know I have been telling you to go to all possible personal development seminars and events. If you want to really stretch yourself and go one step further, go to camps.

Camps are different than events because you get to act upon everything you learn, and you stay with the other campers. In this sense, camps go much deeper than events.

Listening VS Doing

Going to a camp is much more powerful than going to an event or a seminar because it is fully experiential. You have to do everything!  Moreover, you won't be in your comfortable clothes, sitting on a chair and drinking your coffee.

At the camp I went to, we lived in tents, full of bugs, dirt and people I didn't know. It was much more powerful because everyone was different and naturally conflicts arose. This as the time to really get to know yourself. People are like oranges – when you put them into stressful situation, and really squeeze them, what's inside comes out.

So what's inside you? Weakness or power? This is the most transformational experience you can ever have – truly seeing your inner self.

If you are ready to rediscover yourself and find your inner self, if you are ready for this personal breakthrough, I recommend you – go to a CAMP. The experience can transform your life only if you are ready. The challenges shape your character and grow you into a better version of yourself. Take the opportunity to grow and become bigger than anything.

If you truly want to develop yourself, take the challenge! If you don't get out of your comfort zone, you won't achieve your dreams. Do that NOW, and experience a personal breakthrough.

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