Perfectionism Prevents Progression

by BJ on July 3, 2013

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Are you a doer or a talker? Do you say you will do something and never follow through? Or do you just go for it and do it? Read and watch to understand what I mean.

In this Internet business, and as a matter of fact everywhere I turn, I see this people who just talk, talk, talk and never actually get to achieve anything. What they do wrong is:

– ask too many questions – you can't have guarantees about everything in life, just take a little risk;

– over analyze and plan too much – have you heard the saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”? Everything can go wrong no matter your planning!

– find excuses – again “A person who wants, finds a way, a person who doesn't – finds an excuse”

– looking for the perfect something – the perfect team, the perfect website, the perfect offer, in this way you will never get the perfect life, brother, because perfect just doesn't exist.

Your Perfectionism Is Preventing You From Progressing

If you are a talker, you won't get anywhere, I am sorry but I have to be honest, this is the TRUTH. So, just start doing what you want to happen and you will see real results, you will see the change you want. It is just impossible to achieve anything in this business by just talking about it! You have to start doing some things – if you are not sure about the name of your website – just put something and change it later, don't procrastinate your life because it is not perfect, there isn't anything perfect! Are you perfect? No, nobody is, so why do you expect your business to be perfect?

So , just stop talking and start doing, it's not gonna get done itself and you won't find the perfect situation anyway. Just get over it, and start changing your life for good now!

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