Paulo Barroso and BJ Min – 2 Big Idea Mastermind Members at Denver

by BJ on August 17, 2013

Hi, hope you are all doing fine!

This is a very exclusive interview. I will say it again – you can't learn the things I am about to tell you everywhere. BECAUSE you can't have BJ Min and Paulo Barroso at the same place together very often.

Go To Events To Feel Success

I always say how different going to events is, and how it can transform your life. But on that day something happened with Paulo Barroso that is the perfect example of how Internet marketing events and this mastermind can change your life.

Paulo Barroso was a first time speaker on this event I went to in Denver, and you know what? In the evening, at a bar, we met and he gave me the super unique and special speaker bracelet that he got for being on stage. He did it because he believes I can be a speaker, too, he believes I can make it, too. Tell me now, can something like this happen to you if you don't go to events? NO. You have to go to events to meet people who are inspiring and believe in you, so you can believe in yourself, too.

Believing is half of the job done already! You have to believe in yourself, says Paulo Barroso, and the most important thing is to have a sponsor who believes in you. I can be that sponsor for you, guys! I can believe in you and lead you to your success because my ultimate mission in life is to help YOU experience personal transformation.

So what are you waiting for, click the link, and get mentored directly by me – the expert on online marketing BJ Min. I promise to do everything in my power to help you grow and become the person you deserve to be. Success comes with the person you become, start changing today. I can help you, how Paulo is helping me, how his sponsor helped him.

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