"Announcing the FIRST INTERNET MARKETING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM (with BJ Min) Who Will PARTNER WITH YOU Where YOU Will Create an Online Course About Your #1 Passion/Expertise/Knowledge and I Will Set The Membership Site So That It Pays MONTHLY to BOTH OF US (anywhere from 50/50 to 80/20 - negotiable)!"

Dear Friend,

Want to turn your passion into profit online by partnering with me like shark tank?

Do you have an expertise/passion/knowledge that can make a POSITIVE IMPACT in the world?

Do you want to partner with me where I am 80% owner (you are 20% owner) to create a digital product (that you will create) and I will set up.

Our goal is to ultimately create an asset that can produce RECURRING INCOME in your unique niche AND we can pass down this asset to our future loved ones.

Everyone I come across that I feel that we can if then I will do this...currently talking to my plumber to do this too...got another language instructor who emailed me wanting to do this too....had two top real estate agents in la approach me for this...

Now I'm ready to help YOU turn your passion/knowledge/expertise into profit online by co-creating the asset that can potentially last a lifetime and beyond for future generations...I start at 80/20 because I choose who I want to or don't want to work with and at any time you break our rules that we will communicate in private the deal is off...but I have ability to listen and understand and etc.

I WILL ONLY DO THIS WITH YOU AFTER YOU FOLLOW THE 2 STEPS ON THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE & READ ALL THE FAQ (on the bottom). After that, then email me and I will reply back within 24-48 business hours.


Why Partner with BJ?

As someone who has done information marketing since 2001, BJ Min has the eye to turn any person's UNIQUENESS into PROFITS online.

BJ is the #1 bestselling author of the book HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH EBOOKS which ranked #1 on AMAZON BUSINESS category for ONE SINGLE HOUR! Yes, it's a true story...check out the screenshot I took a snapshot on!!! LOL!















Now, this is a UNIQUE PROJECT because BJ (for the FIRST TIME) is willing to PARTNER with you where he will get 80% ownership (negotiable based on situation) and you would get 20% ownership.

IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT CREATING AN ASSET that can create autopilot income for you, your future, and your family, then...



BJ Min
Hot Methods, Inc.

PS...Do NOT be TOO WORDY...if you send me a personal essay thinking i will be your best friend or counselor, then please DO NOT apply! I only want RESPONSIBLE ADULTS!

Here's Proof of Results!

Frequently Asked Questions

(Below is an example of real life frequently asked questions by real members like you who are interested in this partnership program. I will redirect you to this FAQ section so you can know what to expect and do before we proceed to partner up for business and beyond.)

What will you do and why will you get anywhere from 50 to potentially 80 to 90% ownership while I get 50% anywhere down to 10% or maybe even 1%?

U create course via online screenshot style or webcam face video training.

Then upload all to YouTube.

Then I will put them into a monthly charging membership site via jvzoo or clickbank.

Also you will do 100 extra marketing videos to promote. I will seo top videos.

We split 80/20....I can set it up every quarter or year paid or jvzoo sets it up with your PayPal email which I need...mine is hotmethods@gmail.com

If interested then email me what course you can make.


Ps...yes I am all for non English markets...I think I can blow it up....my ultimate philosophy is to create assets with your own uniqueness...tgats what I did and for,the first time may be doing that with you...no promises...I still need to be convinced why to partner with you as I don't want to babysit or be a counselor...I can mentor but u need to do the course...I set it up...we split 80 20...easy...I need u to be proactive and do it..,so if u ready then tell me when course is done..

I know that there is income dislcaimer and that you don't guarantee any results or income. But can you tell me what you bring in this partnership?

I can't guarantee anything but I have 15 year experience and a million dollar earner...I can find strategize partner find jvs come new ideas...do clickbank ando jvzoo...

I get 80 because my value in this partnership comes as experience mentorship as a best-selling author in USA amazon business published 300 ebooks earned millions on clickbank and digital products in multiple niches with the 1st im person to cross 1000 youtub e videos...now getting 100 leads a day...plus u can promote English version of video commissions in ur backend ...

My question is why should I give u 20 percent...I may go down to 10...if I get too busy...and see I provide more value in this...

And...cuz I make executive decisions...also I made millions online...

We will most likely set up 1 website with 3 upsells...

I will make it
Main product - 20 dollars a month or 1 dollar trial
UPSELL 1 - 497 a month email coaching where u answer email questions...I can help if u need help in terms of advice answers
UPSELL 2 - 497 a month seo service done for u....again u do work and I set up the site...

I will own 80 percent of this site...I need your PayPal...and jvzoo email...from there I will wait until you have outline for course to send me before u begin...at least 7 steps....each step has 3 golden nuggets...

Are you interested in partnering with me on this next project 80/20 ?

Yes or,no.

If yes I will send you a document to sign and send back word doc...and I will send you final pdf contract.

Again I'm paying for funding site hosting tools ...u do course...ideally u do work once...I set it up once for both of us,..and we get paid for continuity for ourselves out future and our family we can pass down each of our accounts to our future generations and beyond ...

Yes or no...

The deadline I give you to make decision is 7 days...if no reply within 7 days then I will decline and move forward...

Also I need to see outline in the 7 days...so,i can say my final yes or no...

Again I need proof why I should work with you...

I have my plumbers real estate agents language expert authors requesting my time...one thing I lack...so u sell me and also tell me decision in 7 days withoutline and I'll let u know within 3 business days.

What do YOU need to do NOW!!!

  1. Create a 7-step outline to create a video course and each step contains 3 golden nuggets and you record at least 20+ minutes for each step totalling 140+ minute video training (you can use combination of screeshot, phone, or webcam videos).
  2. Yes create jvzoo account affiliate free and attach to your PayPal ...create a new PayPal email address aytscged to your PayPal business account and then let me,know

I am a language learning expert and want to go into that niche. What should I do now to create the course?

Just use camtadia to record tutuorisls on how to speak languages

Start with how to learn any language.
Then English.then Spanish
Then Chinese
Then Korean

How do you decide on the % of ownership.

Generally speaking, everything is negotiable but this is the blueprint I go with.

  1. No internet marketing experinece = 90% me & 10% you (meaning 90% is owned by me - BJ Min and 10% is owned by you...this includes one project website business with multiple upsells and continuity and backend offers).
  2. Some internet marketing experience + expertise = 80% me & 20% you
  3. expert internet marketing experience + expertise = 50% me & 50% you
  4. you have more internet marketing experience + expertise = 20% me & 80% you (only for people who are really making 8-9-10 figures and beyond)

Here's What To Do Next...

Email bjmin@dreampreneur.com with subject line: 80/20 Partnership Program with BJ Min

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