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by BJ on July 25, 2013


I hope you are doing fine guys! I am having a great and successful week. Something came to my mind, that I really want to share with you. It is related to advertising online. And I am talking paid advertising online. Yes, I do it. You should do it too. It can't all be free – I mean I do free advertising too, but you can't go without paying the penny.

Now, I won't tell you go and write that ad there, or post on this website and you will get the traffic. It is different for everyone, and it should be, otherwise the piece of the pie you get will be too small.

Don't Be Afraid To Pay For Ads Online

There is a certain myth going around in this business that if you pay for advertising you are in for failure or you are losing money. But it is exactly the opposite, in fact! Let me give you an example – when you go to university to get your degree don't you pay over $20 000 a year? Is that money lost? No! So when you pay for advertising why do you see it as a loss? It isn't. It is an investment, guys. 

You Have To Spend Money, To Make Money

Advertising is an investment, you know. When you put a $25 bugs ad online, you don't lose this money, it's part of your investment in your future earnings from the sales that have come from this ad. It is a chain reaction.

But let's look back at education – when you spend for advertising and it doesn't work this is part of your learning curve – you learn what doesn't work. And you keep on trying, until, well, something actually works. Once you learn, you stop losing money, and start making money.

One big mistake most Internet marketers do is to give up before they learn. Don't do that! You spend and you spend, and get no results, and then -hop- you quit. Well, how are you gonna reap the benefits of your investment then? Don't give up before breaking the barrier of success.

So if you want to get your entrepreneur education spend on advertisements! This is your way to find out what works and start making real big money online!

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