Overatted Internet Marketing Gurus

by BJ on July 2, 2009

Okay…this is a little rant between you and me…

all these gurus, i am sick and tired of…


because they are SO overrated!

most of these guys, i have purchased $1000 home
study courses and programs and so forth…

honestly, i think my courses do MORE help
than them and i ain't a guru myself…

most internet marketing GURUS tend to be
overrated and they tend to NOT know how to


Because they HIRE other people to do all the
other stuff…

…but there is ONE guy i respect and love
to learn from

His name is Dave Guindon and he is my favorite
internet marketing guru because this guy
knows the details…

not only that, he SHOWS you how to do it in
his courses…

One of the BEST resources that I ever
invested was his videos.

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the great thing about his videos is that he
shows you EVERYTHING from start to finish on
how to build your own online business…

and even the VERY VERY details, he shows you…

that's why I highly recommend his videos…

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BJ Min

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