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by BJ on July 7, 2013

Hi, everyone, hope you are all fine!

I just wanted to make a video to clarify what you will be getting yourself into if you join my team in Big Idea mastermind. You will get me, most importantly, as a mentor and sponsor, but also you will get an entire SYSTEM! This includes the squeeze page designed by one of the top earners in Empower Network, also the exact same sales funnel my mentor uses to make his millions, so imagine that, you could get rich with it too!

To make it clear, not everyone in Empower Network will get these tools, only YOU, if you join through ME, will get these tools because I am a Big Idea member.

Join Big Idea Mastermind Now

Why am I making this point now? What is the difference? When you join my team you will get unique tools designed by my mentor to make you rich! But, wait, yes, there is a catch, well not a catch actually but a condition – you have to go all in. This means you have to buy all the products, not only the basic $25 plan but all of them, if you want to get all the benefits.

Listen, I am not trying to make you spend your money here, I am trying to tell you that you have to take this step forward into making big money online by going all in. Don't limit yourself with small commissions and miss out on the real big money in online marketing.

The question I have for you is

Do you want to make $3000 yourself, or give it to me, your sponsor?

Well, yes it is very clear you want to make big ticket commissions, so then why are you hesitating? You can't make $3000 per customer with a $25 investment. In any business you can't.

So don't just try, go all in to make all the money you can with online marketing.

Click here to join my team at Big Idea mastermind NOW.

Click here to learn more about Big Idea and my work.

Talk soon



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