Network Marketing vs Corporate World

by BJ on September 17, 2013

Hello, guys and gals!

This post is just to open your eyes about something.

It Is Not Because Of network Marketing That People Fail, It's Because Of The People

Here is what I mean:

Most people in the world are not successful. True.

Most people in the world fail. True.

10% of people in the world hold 90% of the money. True.

Most people quit before they achieve something. True.

The point I am making here is for the ones who say that you can't make money with network marketing. Wake up guys, there isn't anything in which everyone is successful. One in every 10 is successful in something in the best case.

Is every singer a pop star? No, only a few. Well, in the same way in Internet marketing business, not everyone will make millions.

Only the best ones will. Only the dedicated ones will. Only the ones who give their heart and soul in this business will make it.

Do you think network marketing is a pyramid scheme? Do you think the corporation your work at is not? I am telling you here and now that the corporations are the biggest pyramids – whatever you do, there is only one CEO, there are only five senior managers and what are your chances to become one of them? The same or smaller, than to become a millionaire with network marketing. With network marketing the possibilities are unlimited – everyone can be a millionaire.

No matter when you join, all you need to do is work hard. If you think you need to be a first mover, you are wrong. Many people join at the start and still fail, and many, like me, join much later and become successful in 5 months. You can join any time and make it, that's not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is the corporation where you join at the bottom and most probably stay at the bottom.

I am in this business for only a couple of months and I am in the top 1%. If you want that for yourself, too, JOIN ME TODAY!

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