Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

by BJ on July 11, 2013

Hey, guys!

Today I am talking about a very influential person – Napoleon Hill and his book “Think and Grow Rich”. I am quite sure you know who he is so I am not gonna lose time with that. What I want you to do now is really focus on what I am about to say. Napoleon Hill says “If you can conceive and believe, then you can achieve”.  This is his secret to success, the ultimate pearl of success tips, the one thing that will sky rock you to your dreams.

Think It and Make It Happen

The one tip you should follow to be successful is to just believe you are successful. By Napoleon Hill's advice there are the 3 steps to success you have to follow:

Step 1. Conceive. Create your success story. Make your mind work and conceive what your dream life is. You and only you can create your future reality for your life and business. Conceive by writing your goals, your dream life and your ideal day down. Find affirmations that resonate with your vision and are personal.

Step 2. Believe. You need to make yourself believe that you are a successful person. If you ask any millionaire they will tell you “Belief is everything”. Believeing in your success is the ultimate condition to make it a reality. The simplest technique to make yourself believe is to read your affirmations and ideal day every day, even better, every morning. Read them, listen to them and you will start believing!

Step 3. Achieve. You can only achieve your dreams if you have conceived them from within, believed in them with all your mind and heart, and then taken action to live your life to the fullest. Everyone can achieve their dreams, just put your mind to it!

So just follow this three steps and start living the dream life today, why wait, why postpone, why hesitate, when it's all there and you just have to take it.

If you want to be successful and make money in the same time.

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