My story…

by BJ on September 25, 2009


Here's my story…

I've been doing internet marketing for almost
9 years.

I got right into it when I first made money on
eBay about 9 years ago.

…For the majority of those years, I just made
money on eBay and that was it.  It was only
about $200 to $500 a month on eBay.

And then I tried to make a website.  My first
several websites BOMBED!

I made no money online.  So like most people,
I gave up internet marketing.  I figured it was
for other people and so forth.

So I went to work in a regular job.  Actually,
it was not a regular job.  It was a job working
for my parent's at their convenience store.

I didn't really enjoy it.  But that's all I did.

I went to interviews but I just couldn't seem
to land any solid jobs.

…So I stayed at the convenience store for
almost 5 years man!

I seriously didn't enjoy it.

It was boring.
It was humiliating.
It was wasting my time.

…So after much frustration, I decided to
go back into internet marketing.

I built a website and fortunately, this time
with some help from many internet marketing
discussion boards, I was able to create a
website that made money using Clickbank.

I started off making only about $50 the very
first month on May of 2007.

With more and more marketing tactics
(which I show you in my Dictator Method videos),
my income started to grow.

Click here to download “Dictator Method” now.

…The 2nd month, I made around $200 a month.

At the end of 2007, I made around $1000 a month.
At the end of 2008, I made around $2000 a month.

Now, I am making around $5000 a month.

…And that's all from digital products.

I've tried TONS of stuff.
And I know there are thousands of ways to
make money online.

…But I really feel the way I have made money
has been the BEST way to make money online
for me.

It just works.  Plus, it is residual income
meaning that I can take time off and still
make money.

…In fact, this past week, I have been taking
lots of time off to help a friend move out.

So I didn't work that much except to check emails
once in awhile.

…But I still make that cashflow day in and day out.

I have done lots of micro niches but one of
my main passion is in internet marketing.

…And that's why I created the Dictator Method

It literally shows you EVERYTHING that I do
to make money online.

…Because of competition on the internet, the
price is VERY CHEAP for what it's really worth.

But don't let the price fool you.
It's the EXACT method that makes me around
$5000 a month online month after month.

So if you have been struggling with making money
online for many years (like I did previously),
then please check out my system.

I really want to have people use my system
and start making money.

Once you get one system and start making money,
you can duplicate and be on your way to make
more and more money online.

I really do want to help people start making
that extra cash on the internet.

It's POSSIBLE.  So don't give up.  It's really

I used to be a convenience store clerk who
didn't know what to do with his life.

I'm not saying I am all that but I am making
pretty solid money online now.

…Oh yeah…by the way, many people like to
buy courses by internet marketing gurus.

But here's my tip.  I've also bought many
courses by gurus but MANY of them tend to
lack the SPECIFIC DETAILS that are essential
for beginners.

That's why I recommend you to watch my
“Dictator Method” VIDEOS because they SHOW
you the details on video that most gurus
tend to overlook.

…You see…when you starting out, it is
essential for you to learn the basics on
how to make money online by learning the
specific details.

Once you master that, then you can get to
the next level taught by most of the gurus
out there.

That's why if you are looking to make money
online as a beginner or intermediate, then
I highly recommend you to try out my
“Dictator Method” VIDEOS.

Click here to download “Dictator Method” now.

Take care…

BJ Min

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