My Story Of Internet Marketing by BJ Min

by BJ on July 3, 2009

Let me tell you my story of how I got
into internet marketing.

I am your get-rich typical story that
you hear on the internet over and over

I didn't make thousands of dollars

In fact like MOST normal people, it took
me over 8 years to finally start making
consistent money online.

I started at a young at college playing
with the internet.  I was only 19 years
old when I was dabbling with eBay.

…I sold old movies and books but it
was NOT a consistent income.

So I tried to make websites.  I tried
making eBooks and audio courses but
I didn't make a single cent because I
didn't know how to create a product
that really stood out in the niche.

…It wasn't until 8 years later, I
finally made thousands of dollars a month
every single month.

My point is that if you try to figure out
how to make money on your own, it can
take up to 8 years or more!

…Why would you want to spend 8 years
to finally make a consistent income

That's a lifetime!

…I surely wouldn't want you or anyone
to go through the trials & erros that
I went through to finally be successful
on the internet.

That is why, it is CRUCIAL for you to
follow ONE proven method & stick to it.

…Whether it is following my system
or following another person's, I highly
recommend you to figure out what works
and STICK to that system.

And you will SAVING yourself time, energy,
and money because you will be able
to JUMP-START your way to success on
the internet.

For more tips, download my FREE “Dictator Method” eBook:

Talk to you soon…

BJ Min

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