My Next Book in 2013

by BJ on July 5, 2013

Hey, there,

it's BJ with a “Practice what you preach” example for you. If you have seen my previous videos, and I am sure you have, I guess you remember when I was talking about techniques for achieving your goals. Remember, I mentioned that to make yourself be consistent and actually do what you said you will do, you need to put pressure on yourself and announce your goal to the world.

This is what I am doing here right now in front of you.

I Am Going To Publish My Next Book In 2013

I will publish my own book, second book, mind me, not first, by the end of this year. So on  December 31, 2013, you can check and look for my second book. I am making this proclamation here, in front of all of you who are watching my videos, and potentially in front of all of the world, that I will write and publish my book by the end of 2013.

In my first book I gave everything I could from myself – I spent hours and hours just to give you guys valuable information and to teach you how to write an e-book. In my second book, I will give you all the tools, techniques and motivation to succeed!

Everything you see in my videos, you read on my blog, all of that will be there, and even more. If you like what you have read so far, oh boy, you will be mind blown. Why am I going to give you all this information? Why do I want a second book?

I Have Grown

I am so much more than my first book now. I love my first book, it's great, you can go and get it now, and you will love it too, but I have so much more to share and to give you! That's why I am making this commitment to all of you, and to the world to give you much more, to give you everything you need to start being successful now!

If you announce it to the world, you get it done, and I will.

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Talk soon


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