Multiple Streams of Income Online

by BJ on February 11, 2014

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This is BJ with your daily Internet marketing tip. One of the best ways to make money online is to have

Multiple Streams of Income Online

This means having multiple sources of income so you do not rely on one single payment each month.

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Many Internet marketing or networking marketing companies online will teach you to only promote their product once you are a member. And honestly, I agree that there is power in focusing on a single product to promote.

But there is another way you can create multiple streams of income online. For example, you could promote the services or tools you use to build our business. In this way you use your list to the fullest by giving them additional offers.

Think about the services that help your Internet marketing business – web hosting, email newsletter providers, etc. All of these tools might be useful for your leads as well. Therefore it makes sense to promote them, too.

This is a simple way in which you can create multiple streams of income online, while focusing on one product or offer at the same time.

Help Your List Get Faster and Better Results

To start making money from multiple streams online, think about the courses, trainings, tools and software that you already use to be successful in your business. Your list might need them to improve their business as well. In this way you help them succeed faster and you also have multiple offers to make money from.

Bottom line – focus on one product, but don't forget to promote tools and software that go well with it as well. Multiple income streams for you, faster growing business for your list.

THIS is for the Internet marketers who want to make big commissions online.

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