Mind Power Story – Going Face to Face with a Giant

by BJ on September 17, 2013

Hey, guys!

Today I want to share with you a story about the power of mind. I want to demonstrate to you how a confident and strong mindset brings you through the challenges of life.

I Was Pumped UP

I was on my way back from a personal development camp in Canada by plane, and check my luck, I was in the middle seat. I found myself totally out of space sitting next to a giant, at least 100 pounds bigger than me guy.

Long story short, I was really stuck and uncomfortable. BUT then I decided to DO something about it. I just tapped the huge guy next to me on the shoulder, if we can lift the arm separator up so we could both have more space.

Well, I did, and got the rude ‘Don't touch me' in reply to a gentle tap! I mean, it was a challenge by itself to approach and confront this alpha looking man with my request. In addition I had to take his bad attitude. It was obvious he had issues, but I decided to ignore them.

Next thing you see, he is putting the thing down. I just gave him a look and he stopped! You have to imagine me – an average looking, fit guy next to this pile of muscles. But I wasn't scared or terrified although he was physically stronger than me.

My Mind Was Stronger

Next thing you see, he puts the thing down again, answering my questions with something like ‘I want it down' – really childish. I guess this was the first time someone really stand up to this guy so  he was obviously frustrated! Even when he put the arm thing down, I used it – I took my place and didn't back up.

By the end of the flight I was meditating, and he was shaking from frustration. This trip thought me that my mind is stronger than anything. I know who I am, I am stronger, better and I know what my goals are.

Mind power is all you need! Mind power is stronger than physical power! Work on your mind daily to get confident and be brave to take the giants on the road.

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