Millionaire Mindset Intensive Review Day 1

by BJ on August 5, 2013

Hey, guys!

Today I am posting a video to review the Millionaire Mindset Intensive event that I went to a couple of weeks ago, and this is just part 1 so look forward to the second part of my review.

Go To Events To Experience Personal Breakthrough

You know how I always encourage you to join a mastermind, to be around like minded people and go to personal development and success events? Well, this time (and always) I followed my advice and went to MMI – an event that many people have told me about. So they all pushed me to go – it was just in Orange County so I couldn't miss it!

My review? Awesome, guys! I am really enjoying it – the place is beautiful, the people are amazing, it's a FREE seminar, yes, free, and it is held by┬áT Harv Eker! If you haven't heard of him you gotta go and Google him right away, he is a success guru.

So it has been amazing so far. I actually had a breakthrough on the first day. What I realized was that in this business you can actually stop owning a job and start owning a company. What's the difference? When you own a job, you are your own boss, okay, but you still work 8 hours per day and do everything! When you own a company, this means that you will outsource so that other people will do the work and you will enjoy the Internet marketer lifestyle.

I realized you need to have a system, a system that will bring in money even if you don't do anything! For example, I love doing my videos so I do that every day, but all my e-mail newsletters, blog posts, updates are done by my assistants! In this way I have the time and energy to spend with my own family, to enjoy LA and live the Internet lifestyle.

The best thing is, once you put a system in place and make it work, YOU don't need to work. So that's it for today, I hope you take out from this video my bottom line message – you don't need to work hard to make big money, join me and see for yourself!

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